Vijay Thalapathy’s Period Drama ‘Huli’ Now Streaming on SunNXT: A Review

Fans of Vijay Thalapathy eagerly await the release of his movies, and when they finally hit the theaters, the crowd flocks in to give them a grand opening and achieve bumper box-office collections.

For those who miss out on the theatrical experience, the wait is over as Vijay Thalapathy’s period drama “Huli” is now available to watch from the comfort of your own home. The streaming platform SunNXT has announced that the movie can be streamed on their platform, bringing joy to the fans.

Unveiling Vijay Thalapathy’s “Huli”: A Period Drama Review

“Huli” marked the comeback of the late actress Sridevi in Southern cinema, and her appearance in the film became the talk of the town during its release. However, despite the anticipation, the movie received mixed reviews from both the public and critics.

SunNXT, the largest streaming service in South India, is now offering Vijay Thalapathy’s “Huli” (the Kannada version of “Puli”) on their platform. So, if you’re a fan, make sure to tune in and enjoy the movie from the comfort of your own home.

The story of “Huli” unfolds in the fictional state of Bhetala Desam, which is under the rule of the villainous Yavvana Rani, portrayed by Sridevi. She holds sixty nearby villages captive, subjecting the inhabitants to torment and suffering.

Manoharudu, portrayed by Vijay, is a brave warrior from one of the villages under Yavvana Rani’s dominion. He gradually falls in love with Mandara Malli, played by Shruthi Haasan, his childhood friend. When Malli is kidnapped by goons from Bhetala Desam, the situation takes a turn for the worse.

Dissatisfied and determined, Manoharudu decides to take matters into his own hands and ventures into the fantasy realm to rescue his beloved. Will he succeed? What challenges will he encounter along the way? These inquiries constitute the core of the storyline.

Unfortunately, “Huli” did not fare well upon its release, as reflected by its IMDb rating of 4.3. Despite its grand production and the comeback of Sridevi, the movie failed to make a mark at the box office.