Truecaller Call Recording to Users on Android and iOS

Back in 2018, Truecaller introduced a Truecaller Call Recording option on Android, which was later discontinued due to Google’s updated policy on restricting third-party apps from utilizing its Accessibility API. However, Truecaller is now reintroducing this feature for both Android and iOS users. In this article, we will explore how Truecaller call recording works and the benefits it offers.

truecaller call recording to users on android

1. Introduction

Truecaller, the popular caller ID platform, has decided to bring back the call recording feature to enhance its usefulness for Android and iOS users. By enabling call recording, Truecaller aims to provide users with a convenient way to record, manage, and access their calls.

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2. Truecaller Call Recording Workaround

Unlike traditional on-device call recording, Truecaller utilizes a workaround to achieve this feature. It employs a concept known as a recording line, which is a cloud-based telephone service typically operated by a telecom provider. This technology allows Truecaller to record calls directly on the cloud in real time.

By using the recording line, Truecaller ensures that the call recordings are securely stored in the cloud and become accessible to users only after the call ends. This approach eliminates the need for storing recordings on the user’s device, freeing up storage space and ensuring that recordings are not lost even if the device is damaged or lost.

3. Recording, Managing, and Backing Up Calls

With Truecaller’s call recording feature, users gain several capabilities to enhance their call recording experience. Here are some key functionalities:

3.1 Recording and Editing Calls

Once the call recording feature is activated, Truecaller enables users to record incoming and outgoing calls effortlessly. Users can rename and edit the recorded conversations as needed, allowing for easy organization and identification.

3.2 Listening, Sharing, and Deleting Recordings

Truecaller provides a built-in interface within the app, where users can conveniently listen to their recorded calls. They can also share specific recordings with others via various communication channels. If a recording is no longer needed, users have the option to delete it directly from the app.

3.3 Truecaller Premium Subscription

To access the call recording feature, users are required to have a Truecaller Premium subscription. This exclusive offering ensures that Truecaller’s premium users can enjoy enhanced functionalities and a superior call recording experience.

3.4 Backing Up Recordings

Truecaller allows users to back up their recorded calls to Google Drive for Android users and iCloud for iPhone users. This feature ensures that users can safely store their recordings and access them even if they switch devices or experience data loss.

4. Truecaller’s Call Recording in India

For users in India, Truecaller plans to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) for its call recording functionality. This development has been exclusively reported by Forbes. However, it is important to note that the implementation will adhere to the regulations set by the Indian government regarding call recording.

To comply with the regulations, Truecaller might introduce indicators to notify the person on the other end that the conversation is being recorded. These indicators could include subtle beeps or more explicit notifications, similar to Google’s approach.

5. Conclusion

Truecaller Call Recording decision to bring back the call recording feature for Android and iOS users is a welcome addition. By utilizing a cloud-based recording line, Truecaller ensures that users can conveniently record and manage their calls. With features like editing, sharing, and backing up calls, Truecaller aims to provide a comprehensive call recording experience.

6. FAQs

Q1: Is Truecaller call recording feature available for both Android and iOS users?
Yes, Truecaller call recording feature is available for both Android and iOS users.

Q2: Do I need a Truecaller Premium subscription to access the call recording feature?
Yes, the call recording feature is exclusively available for Truecaller Premium subscribers.

Q3: Can I edit and manage my recorded calls using Truecaller?
Yes, Truecaller allows users to rename, edit, listen to, share, and delete their recorded calls.

Q4: Are call recordings backed up in case of device loss or damage?
Truecaller provides the option to back up recorded calls to Google Drive (for Android) and iCloud (for iPhones), ensuring users can access their recordings even if they switch devices or experience data loss.

Q5: How will Truecaller call recording feature be implemented in India?
Truecaller plans to leverage AI for call recording in India while complying with the regulations set by the Indian government. Indicators might be introduced to notify the other party that the conversation is being recorded.