OnePlus Nord Buds 2r: India Launch Date Confirmed on July 15, Design and Features Revealed

OnePlus has recently announced the official launch date for the OnePlus Nord Buds 2r in India. According to the company, the OnePlus Nord Buds 2r is set to make its debut on July 5. This new offering is believed to be a more affordable variant of the previously released OnePlus Nord Buds 2, which received positive reviews. While specific details about the specifications of the buds are still under wraps, we were able to reveal the design last month through a leaked retail box.

oneplus nord buds 2r

Exploring the OnePlus Nord Buds 2r: Design, Color Options, and Expected Pricing in India

The upcoming OnePlus Buds 2r will be available for purchase in India through various platforms, including Amazon, Flipkart, the OnePlus India website, and select partner outlets. The product listing for the OnePlus Nord Buds 2r is already live on Amazon and Flipkart, confirming the design and color options. According to the product page, the OnePlus Nord Buds 2r will feature an in-ear design and will be offered in Blue and Black color variants.

The Amazon listing also indicates that further information regarding the OnePlus Nord Buds 2r will be revealed on June 27th, June 29th, July 1st, and July 3rd. In addition to the earbuds, OnePlus is also rumored to launch the OnePlus Nord 3 smartphone, although the launch date for this device is yet to be confirmed. Previously, OnePlus teased the OnePlus Nord 3 smartphone as part of “The Lab” campaign, without revealing the exact launch date.

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Returning to the Nord Buds 2r, it is speculated that these earbuds may not include Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) support, and they are expected to be priced around Rs 2,000. In comparison, the OnePlus Nord Buds 2 boasts a 12.4mm Titanium driver, an IP55 rating for dust and water resistance, OnePlus Fast Pair support, 25db active noise cancellation, dual microphones, low latency of 94ms, and touch controls for call and music management. These earbuds are equipped with Bluetooth v5.3, the BassWave Enhancement algorithm, and Dolby Atmos support.

As for battery life, the OnePlus Nord Buds 2 provides up to 7 hours of usage with ANC turned off, and up to 5 hours with ANC turned on. The earbuds can last for a total of 36 hours with the charging case when ANC is off, and 27 hours when ANC is activated. Each earbud is equipped with a 41mAh battery, while the case itself features a 480mAh battery. The OnePlus Nord Buds 2 is currently priced at Rs 2,999 and comes in color options of Lightning White and Thunder Grey.

In conclusion, OnePlus enthusiasts in India can look forward to the arrival of the OnePlus Nord Buds 2r on July 5. While specific details are still awaited, it is anticipated that these earbuds will offer an affordable audio solution with a focus on design and functionality. With their upcoming release, OnePlus continues to expand its portfolio of audio products, catering to the diverse needs of consumers.

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