Sneak Peek: Leaked Images Confirm Major Design Shift for iPhone 15 Pro

The upcoming iPhone 15 Pro models are generating a lot of excitement among Apple enthusiasts due to the major design changes that are expected. One of the most notable alterations is the inclusion of a USB Type-C port, marking the first time this port will be featured on an iPhone. Additionally, the bezels on the iPhone 15 Pro models are said to be the thinnest yet, further enhancing the aesthetic appeal of these devices. However, it seems that another significant design shift is in store for the 15 Pro models, and recent leaked images provide some confirmation on this matter.

iphone 15 pro image leaked

Whistleblower Majin Bu, through IT House, has shared live images that suggest Apple is abandoning the long-standing “Mute Button,” which has been a fixture on iPhones for the past 16 years. Instead, a new “Custom Button” is expected to make its debut on the flagship iPhone 15 Pro Max. This leak aligns with an earlier report from Ming-Chi Kuo, a reputable analyst in the Apple community. The removal of the Mute button represents one of the most significant design changes for the flagship iPhone model. In previous iterations, the Mute button was conveniently located in the top left corner of the mid-frame, making it easily accessible. iPhone cases were also designed to accommodate this layout.

However, the leaked image suggests that this arrangement is set to be altered. The image reveals a wider and more rounded cutout in the top left corner of the mid-frame, presumably intended to house the rumored custom key. It is speculated that Apple might name this button the “Action Button,” drawing inspiration from the Action button found on the Apple Watch Ultra. If this comes to fruition, the new button could offer users a range of functionalities beyond muting notifications and calls. Possibilities include mapping the button to activate Siri, launch specific apps, execute particular commands, serve as a camera shutter, and more.

Custom Button: A Game-Changing Addition to the iPhone 15 Pro Design

Alongside the change to the Mute button, other design modifications are also anticipated. These include a larger camera hump, the introduction of a dark red color option, and the implementation of rounded corners. On the hardware front, the iPhone 15 Pro models are expected to feature the powerful A17 Bionic chipset. In addition to the Pro models, there will also be an iPhone 15 and an iPhone 15 Plus, each with their own set of upgrades. The iPhone 15 lineup is slated for a September release, so there is still some time for concrete evidence to emerge in support of these leaks.

As Apple continues to innovate and push the boundaries of smartphone design, the forthcoming iPhone 15 Pro models promise to be a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology. With a USB Type-C port, minimized bezels, and the rumored custom button, Apple is striving to offer users a refined and versatile user experience. As always, fans eagerly await the official launch to see how these design changes will ultimately be realized in the highly anticipated iPhone 15 lineup.