Exploring the Exciting Features of Apple iOS 17 Beta 2 Update

Apple has recently released the iOS 17 Beta 2 update for developers and anyone with an Apple Developer account can now download and install it. This update is available for iPhone XS and newer models. The arrival of the second beta update comes just a month after the release of iOS 17 Beta 1. Let’s take a closer look at the new features and improvements introduced in the latest Apple iOS 17 Beta 2 update.

New Features and Improvements in iOS 17 Beta 2 Update

To update to the iOS 17 Beta 2, those who have already signed up for an Apple Developer account can navigate to Settings, then General, followed by Software Update, and finally select iOS 17 Developer Beta. It’s worth noting that this time, Apple has made the developer beta free, whereas in the past developers had to pay a monthly fee of $99. So if you’re interested in testing the latest beta version, head over to the Apple Developer page and create an account.

Now, let’s delve into the exciting new features. One of the notable additions is the NameDrop feature, which was showcased at WWDS 2023. NameDrop allows users to automatically share contact information by simply bringing two iPhones close together. This feature also works seamlessly with other AirDrop functionalities, such as SharePlay and file sharing. Although it wasn’t available in the initial beta 1 update, it is now included in beta 2.

Apple has also made some changes to the appearance of the update page. The updated page now provides more information about beta updates and also includes a sign-up link. Additionally, a new Tips feature has been introduced, which offers users helpful suggestions based on the available functionality. For instance, users may receive reminders to hold their iPhone closer to another device if no nearby users are detected on AirDrop or to use Siri for message input instead of typing.

The iOS 17 Beta 2 update brings a new MicroLocation option to the Location Settings in the Settings menu. When enabled, this option provides more detailed location data for apps and location sharing. Speaking of location-related updates, the Check In option in messages now offers Full and Limited data options, in addition to the previous Current Location only and All locations visited choices.

Another significant addition is the ability to turn off notifications in StandBy mode. StandBy mode refers to the smart display that appears when the iPhone is charging horizontally. Users now have the option to disable StandBy notifications, allowing only critical notifications to be displayed in this mode. Apple has also addressed a bug where the Settings app crashed when activating Crossfade for the Apple Music app. With iOS 17 Beta 2, users can now activate Crossfade and customize the Crossfade duration. Lastly, Apple has introduced Apple Music widgets of various sizes in iOS 17 Beta 2.

These are just some of the highlights of the new features and improvements in the iOS 17 Beta 2 update. If you’re an Apple Developer or have a developer account, be sure to update your device and explore these exciting additions firsthand. Apple continues to refine and enhance the iOS experience, providing users with new features and improvements to enjoy.