How To Unhide the Threads Badge on Instagram: Exploring Options and Implications

Can You Unhide the Threads Badge on Instagram?: Meta’s recent launch of Threads, a new Twitter alternative, has taken the social media world by storm, attracting over 50 million users within a short span of time. Threads, deeply integrated with Instagram, allows users to swiftly join the platform using their existing Instagram accounts. By displaying a Threads badge in the Instagram bio, users can notify their followers of their presence on the Threads microblogging platform. However, some individuals have chosen to hide this badge. This article delves into whether there is a way to unhide the Threads badge on Instagram and explores the current options available to users.

The Current Limitations: No Option to Unhide the Threads Badge on Instagram

As it stands, there is currently no official method to unhide the Threads badge on Instagram once it has been hidden. Instagram explicitly warns users that once the badge is removed from their profile, it cannot be reinstated. Meta has designed the Threads badge to serve as a temporary identifier, allowing users to notify their followers of their membership on the Threads app. The badge also presents a unique numerical identifier to represent each user’s membership position.

How To Unhide the Threads Badge on Instagram

Exploring Instagram Updates:

To determine if Instagram has introduced an option to unhide the Threads badge, I updated the application on my Android phone to the latest version available at the time of writing ( However, upon thorough exploration, it became evident that no such option exists within the updated version. Therefore, until Meta incorporates the feature to reinstate the Threads badge on Instagram, users must accept the current limitations.

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Implications and User Experience:

The inability to unhide the Threads badge might disappoint some Instagram users who wish to continue displaying their presence on the Threads platform. However, it is crucial to understand Meta’s intention behind this decision. By establishing the badge as temporary, Meta aims to encourage users to fully embrace the There ads app as a separate microblogging platform. The badge’s absence on Instagram may prompt users to actively engage with Threads, fostering a dedicated community within the app itself.

Potential Future Developments:

While the current information suggests that there is no immediate solution for unhide the Threads badge on Instagram, it is worth noting that Meta may introduce changes or updates in the future. As Meta continues to refine and expand its offerings, it is plausible that the company might consider incorporating a feature to unhide the Threads badge. Users are advised to stay tuned for potential announcements from Meta regarding any updates related to the Threads badge on Instagram.


At present, hiding the Threads badge on Instagram appears to be a permanent action, as there is no official method provided by Meta or Instagram to unhide it. Users who have chosen to hide the badge will have to accept its absence on their profile. The Threads badge serves as a temporary means to inform followers about one’s membership on the Threads app and, for now, encourages users to engage with the platform directly. As we await potential future developments, users can continue enjoying the features and benefits provided by both Instagram and the Threads app.

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