How to Get Verified on Threads Using Instagram: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Get Verified on Threads: Instagram’s Threads, the new Twitter alternative, is rapidly gaining popularity, attracting millions of users who have already signed up for the service. With such a massive user base, you might wonder how to distinguish yourself from the crowd. If you’re looking to stand out and establish credibility, getting verified on Threads is a great way to achieve that. The good news is that if you already have a verified Instagram account, you will automatically be verified on Threads as well.

How to Get Verified on Threads: Instagram’s New Twitter Alternative

There are several reasons why you might want to pursue verification. If you’re a public figure, it’s essential to prevent others from creating fake accounts pretending to be you. Fortunately, Instagram offers a verification process that you can utilize. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to request verification using Instagram’s legacy method.

  • Open the Instagram app in your device and tap on your profile icon located in the bottom right corner. Next, tap on the hamburger menu icon situated in the top-right corner.
How to Get Verified on Threads Using Instagram
  • From the menu that appears, select “Settings and privacy” on Instagram App.
  • In the settings, locate the search bar and type in “Request verification.
  • Among the search results, choose the “Request verification” option.
  • A form will appear, prompting you to provide necessary information. Fill out the form accurately.
  • Once you’ve completed the form, tap on “Submit.”
  • It’s important to note that Instagram verifies accounts based on notability and public interest. Therefore, the verification process isn’t guaranteed. Instagram will review your application and inform you of their decision regarding verification.

If the legacy verification process doesn’t work for you, an alternative method is to use Meta Verified, a service offered by Meta (formerly known as Facebook). Meta Verified allows you to pay a fee to Meta in exchange for account verification. It’s worth mentioning that this service is similar to Twitter Blue and is currently available only in select regions.

To get verified on Threads using Meta Verified, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Instagram app and tap on your profile icon.
  • Next, tap on the hamburger menu icon to reveal additional options.
  • Look for the “Meta Verified” option in the pop-up menu and tap on it.
  • You will be presented with a “Subscribe” option. Tap on it.
  • Select the Instagram account associated with Threads and tap on “Sign up.”
  • Instagram will provide you with information regarding the subscription cost. For instance, in India, the subscription fee is Rs. 699 per month.
  • Tap on “Pay now” to proceed with the payment.
  • After making the payment, Meta will contact you within 48 hours to confirm your identity. They will request a government-issued ID for verification purposes.
  • Once your identity has been verified, a blue tick will appear on your Instagram profile, indicating that you are a verified user. This verification status will also be extended to your Threads account.

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By following these methods, you can increase your chances of getting verified on Threads. Whether you opt for the traditional Instagram verification process or utilize Meta Verified, attaining that coveted blue tick will help establish your authenticity and differentiate you from the millions of other users on the platform.

Download the Threads Official App on Play Store Here: Android | IOS

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