Fossil Expands Google Voice Assistant Support on Gen 6 Smartwatches

Fossil, a well-established player in the wearable technology market, has been at the forefront of smartwatch innovation since the early 2000s. Known for its high-quality products, Fossil has gained widespread recognition and praise from users worldwide. However, when the Wear OS 3 update was released, several smartwatches, including Fossil’s models, mysteriously lost support for Google Assistant. This setback left many users without the convenience of accessing Google’s voice assistant on their wrists, except for Pixel Watch and Samsung’s newer Galaxy Watches.

gen 6 smartwatches support voice assistant

Expanding Voice Assistant Support: Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatches Now Feature Google Assistant and Alexa

Fortunately, Fossil has stepped up to address this issue, ensuring that users no longer have to switch brands to enjoy the benefits of interacting with Google Assistant on their smartwatches. Fossil has recently rolled out an update that adds Google Assistant functionality to its Gen 6 smartwatches running Wear OS 3. This update not only applies to Fossil’s own models but also extends to counterparts from Diesel, Michael Kors, and Skagen. However, there is a small requirement for this feature to work seamlessly – the smartwatch must be paired with an Android phone running standard Android with Google apps.

For those already familiar with using Google or Samsung smartwatches, the functionality of Google Assistant on Fossil’s Gen 6 smartwatches will feel quite similar. Users can activate the AI assistant by saying “hey Google,” holding a button, or tapping a watch face complication. This feature empowers users to respond to text messages, control music playback, and perform various tasks that typically require a smartphone. Notably, Fossil’s implementation also includes support for Amazon’s Alexa, providing users with the flexibility to choose their preferred ecosystem for voice commands.

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While this update brings good news to Fossil smartwatch owners, it may not be as beneficial for individuals using Wear OS 3 watches from other brands like Mobvoi or Montblanc. Nevertheless, Fossil’s reputation as one of the leading names in Google-powered smartwatches significantly expands the number of wearable owners who can now enjoy the benefits of Google Assistant without the need for a small smartphone screen.

While specific details about the release date and features of the highly anticipated Gen 7 are currently undisclosed, it is anticipated to bring substantial improvements once it becomes available. Therefore, potential buyers are advised not to rush into purchasing the Gen 6 smartwatches solely because of the Assistant update. Instead, this update primarily caters to existing Gen 6 owners who experienced a loss of functionality last year due to the update.

In conclusion, Fossil’s latest update adding Google Assistant support to its Gen 6 smartwatches running Wear OS 3 demonstrates the company’s commitment to delivering a seamless user experience. By combining the power of Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, Fossil offers users the flexibility to interact with their preferred voice assistant. With Fossil’s continued dedication to innovation, wearable enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the release of Gen 7, which is expected to bring even more exciting features and enhancements to the table.