Fire-Boltt Ultimate: A Feature-Rich Smartwatch for Budget-Conscious Consumers

Fire-Boltt, a well-known player in the Indian smartwatch market, has recently launched its latest product, the Fire-Boltt Ultimate. This smartwatch is aimed at budget-conscious consumers who seek a feature-packed device and offers an attractive price point along with impressive specifications. The Fire-Boltt Ultimate impresses with its 1.39-inch circular display, delivering high-definition resolution and a pixel count of 240 x 240. Additionally, it provides multiple watch face options to cater to individual preferences, boasting a sleek and stylish circular dial design that exudes a premium feel.

fire boltt ultimate features

Fire-Boltt Ultimate: A Budget-Friendly Smartwatch with Impressive Features

One of its remarkable features is the ability to make Bluetooth calls directly from the wrist, thanks to the built-in microphone, speaker, and Bluetooth 5.0 protocol. Users can enjoy seamless communication with the dedicated Dial Pad, call history, and contact synchronization. Fire-Boltt emphasizes that the watch features fashion-style glass for the circular dial, ensuring both durability and a sophisticated look.

Fitness enthusiasts will be delighted by the comprehensive activity tracking capabilities offered by the Fire-Boltt Ultimate. It covers various activities such as running, swimming, cycling, and an impressive 123 other sports activities. The watch also includes an in-built microphone and speaker, enabling users to access the integrated voice assistant for added convenience.

To enhance the overall user experience, Fire-Boltt has equipped the smartwatch with a range of additional features. Users can enjoy in-built games and access the Fire-Boltt Health Suite, which offers various health tracking features such as female health care tracking, heart rate monitoring, and SpO2 measurement.

With an IP68 rating, the Fire-Boltt Ultimate is suitable for outdoor use, providing resistance against water and other environmental conditions. The watch also includes features such as drinking water and sedentary reminders, smart notifications, weather updates, and control over music and camera functions. It is powered by a 270mAh battery, offering an impressive runtime of up to 7 days without Bluetooth calling and 3 days with Bluetooth calling. Furthermore, in standby mode, the Fire-Boltt Ultimate can provide an impressive battery life of up to 20 days. Charging the watch from 0 to 100 percent takes approximately 120 minutes.

Moving on to pricing, the Fire-Boltt Ultimate is available in two variants. One variant comes with a metallic strap, available in Black, Silver, and Gold, while the other variant features a leather strap available in Black and Brown. The metallic strap variant is priced at Rs 1,999, while the leather strap variant is available for Rs 1,799. Interested buyers can purchase the Fire-Boltt Ultimate from Flipkart and Fire-Boltt’s eStore starting at 12 PM on June 19.

In conclusion, the Fire-Boltt Ultimate is a feature-rich smartwatch designed for budget-conscious consumers in the Indian market. With its attractive price point, impressive specifications, and a range of advanced features, it aims to provide a premium and convenient wearable experience. The company has recently introduced the Fire-Boltt Dagger Luxe as well.

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