Apple Explores Expansion of Apple Pay to India, Eyeing Asia-Pacific Market

In a recent development, Apple is reportedly in talks with Indian authorities and officials as part of its plans to introduce Apple Pay to the Asia-Pacific region. The tech giant from Cupertino is said to be engaging with the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to pave the way for the launch of Apple Pay in the country. This move comes after Apple successfully opened its first stores in India, signaling the company’s growing interest in the Indian market.

Apple Pay Expanding to India ?

According to a report by TechCrunch, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, held discussions with the CEO of HDFC Bank and officials from the Reserve Bank of India during the inauguration of Apple Stores in Delhi and Mumbai. The discussions aimed to explore the possibility of integrating Apple Pay with India’s popular Unified Payments Interface (UPI) interface. Once launched, users will be able to conveniently make payments using their iPhones through UPI IDs and QR Codes. Sources also suggest that the inclusion of Face ID authentication and approval for payments is being considered.

Apple’s entry into the Indian payment market is expected to pose a significant challenge to the existing players like PhonePe, GPay, and Paytm, which currently dominate the online payment space. It’s worth noting that Samsung already offers payment services in India through Samsung Pay, including a credit card option. Apple’s move would further expand its presence in the country and demonstrate the company’s growing affinity for the Indian market, potentially leading to an increase in the production of iPhones in India.

Additionally, the launch of Apple Pay in India could be accompanied by the introduction of an Apple Pay credit card, which is speculated to be in collaboration with HDFC Bank, offering exclusive perks and features to users. Similar to the Apple Card in the United States, the Indian version is expected to provide benefits such as daily cashback, fee waivers, and enhanced privacy features. However, it remains uncertain whether Apple PayLater, the deferred payment service, will be introduced in India. The availability of an Apple Card in the country would simplify subscription renewals for Apple products, as it would provide an alternative to the current reliance on UPI-based payments following recent guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India.

While limited information is currently available, it is anticipated that more details will emerge over time. Therefore, it is advised to consider this as a developing story and stay updated with the latest information by visiting We welcome your thoughts on the potential arrival of Apple Pay in India. Kindly share your opinions in the comments section below.